Villa Sargiano Wellbeing and Health of the Sargiano Forest Medical and Scientific Tests by the CNR


VILLA SARGIANO  Immersed in the Bosco di Sargiano Protected Natural Area, an uncontaminated oasis that dominates Arezzo  like a lookout of the city.  On the northern slopes of Monte Lignano, you can immerse yourself in the secret and welcoming Bosco di Sargiano, a Natural Area protected over the centuries by the walls of a former Franciscan Convent. At 397 m above sea level, among olive trees, oaks, oaks, cypresses and holm oaks .  The Villa and the summer swimming pool are surrounded by the 10 hectares of the Protected Natural Area. Villa Sargiano with its 7500 meters of exclusive parkland and gardens, testifies to the profound respect for nature.  The Sargiano Forest is also protected as a site of community interest due to the presence of oak (quercus petraea), which is particularly lush here. Another 19 species of trees have been recorded there - in addition to the prized oak - 49 species of shrubs and herbs. Less stress, more relaxation and better immune system. In Japanese Shirin-yoku (森林浴 in Italian “enjoying the atmosphere of the forest” or “bathing in the forest”). Look and choose the rooms with photos and videos –

on 05.01.2021 The CNR (National Research Council)  publishes a review of the book:  " Forest Therapy " , published by Cnr Edizioni, the result of  a year and a half completed in 2020,  jointly between the CAI, on the initiative of its  Tuscan Scientific Committee , implemented and expanded by the Central Scientific Committee (Cai-Csc), and the Institute for Bioeconomy of the National Research Council (Cnr-Ibe), with the  scientific collaboration of Cerfit at Aou Careggi , which for the first time  systematically collects and extends the state of scientific knowledge on Forest Therapy .  This is a discipline that started from the Far East and is now widespread throughout the world, so much so that it presents itself in all respects as a complementary medicine tool available to the National Health Service. The title "Forest Therapy", in its simplicity, underlines the intent to fill, on the basis of scientific rigor and the multidisciplinary contributions of doctors, biologists, foresters, physicists, psychologists and other professionals, a gap temporarily occupied by widespread and growing initiatives but not always based on objective criteria and verifiable standards.

“We wanted to create a scientific reference framework of the evidence collected all over the world during thirty years of research, and hundreds of scientific publications, regarding the direct effects of forest environments on the mental and physiological health of visitors”, states  Federica Zabini of Cnr-Ibe  curator of the work .

Forest Therapy , we read in the book published by the  CNR (National Research Council),  is the result of research carried out in the spring and summer of 2020:  "With respect to the Covid-19 pandemic, a further active and beneficial role of forests in the containment of the spread of the infection and above all the relative lethality. In particular, these effects would refer to the emission into the atmosphere by plants and forest soil, and consequent inhalation, of certain biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC), in particular some terpenes with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and psychologically beneficial activities. and cognitive." The unexpected Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world in early 2020 raised several important questions. First of all, twenty-first century man, even in the fortunate developed countries, has suddenly realized his own vulnerability not only as an individual but even as a species, despite all the technological and medical advances accumulated at least since the first industrial revolution. Faced with the global threat, the reaction of scientific research has been impressive and quite moving due to the effort made, both in the search for effective treatments and in the direction of avoiding further pandemic events. In this last field of research, the primary role of forests has emerged very clearly." Today it is fully included among the many precious ecosystem services offered by forests. Immersion in the forest produces direct and measurable effects with a broad-spectrum action that affects, among others, the psychological, neurological, cardiovascular and immune spheres.”

You can download the CNR (National Research Center) book  “Forest Therapy” for free by clicking here

VILLA SARGIANO  to sleep  immersed in  contact with nature, unplug from technology and slow down the pace of life.  Villa Sargiano is   Country Tuscan elegance , sober, without ostentation, inserted in a particularly rare habitat.  A paradise 5 minutes from the center of Arezzo.  Sleeping and breathing at Villa Sargiano has a poetic Japanese name:  Shinrin-Yoku in English Forest Bathing Therapy (森林浴 in Italian " taking advantage of the atmosphere of the forest" or "bathing in the forest" ).  VILLA SARGIANO  relieves stress and promotes relaxation, with all the senses immersed in air and pure forest spring water at 23°C. Scientific studies show  that people who sleep and breathe in a more natural environment with lots of trees have increased immune function .  At VILLA SARGIANO  you can breathe deeply, drink well spring water at 23°C and enjoy numerous benefits.  Scientific studies confirm: lower concentrations of cortisol,  decreased  heart rate and blood pressure,  decreased  stress and depression.  Stimulation of creativity. Increase in Natural Killer cells, capable of recognizing and fighting viruses and tumor cells. Improved  sleep,  increased  ability to concentrate,  even in children  with ADHD,  accelerated recovery  after surgery or illness .  The British research team  from the Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia  conducted an in-depth statistical study  on the data of 290 million  people from different countries, including Spain, the United States, France and Japan.  The researchers, coordinated by Professor Caoimhe Twohig-Bennett , collected  information from 140 different studies , which confirm the positive long-term result of breathing and sleeping on a weekend surrounded by plants:  reduced diastolic blood pressure , a  lower heart rate , a  better quality of sleep. reduced concentration of salivary cortisol , a physiological indicator of stress,   was also detected  Click and read REFERENCES RELATED RESEARCH, in the links at the end of the article. Studies confirm  that  contact  with nature  is a panacea against  stress, illness, early mortality and premature births.

The merit of these benefits?  Phytoncides ,  monotherpenes of tree wood, which, by releasing special substances into the air to protect themselves from rot and insects, are of great benefit to people thanks to their  anti - inflammatory and immune system stimulating action.  Benefit that can be prolonged in the long term. Sleeping and breathing here at  VILLA SARGIANO, immersed in the Protected Natural Oasis of community interest,  you will discover  true well-being, the result of over 40 years of research  by Professor  Qing Li , immunologist and one of the world's leading experts in forest medicine.  For over forty years he has been concerned with shinrin-yoku and its benefits.  Since 1982  his conclusions have also been confirmed by  researchers of the University Clinic  of the  “Santa Maria della Misericordia” University Hospital in Udine,  of national importance and highly specialized:  “improvement  of  cardiovascular and metabolic health , of  depressive state and stress ;  a strengthening  of the  immune system , increased  production of anti-tumor proteins,  an  improvement in mood and a  sense of energy and well-being  that pervades the entire body, a valid aid in  weight loss.”

 VILLA SARGIANO there is no forced urbanization, which generates stress,  anxiety , headaches , depression , mental fatigue , eye and neck pain, insomnia, frustration, irritability and outbursts of anger. You will breathe and sleep inebriated by the many scents of flowers and the forest: daisies, cyclamens and shrubs such as laurel, hawthorn and oak . The heart of the forest can reserve small surprises for you. Trees forged by the beak of the green woodpecker . Cute squirrels . Porcupines in love among pheasants, roe deer, deer, fallow deer . The barn owl, the owl and the tawny owl are also present. butterflies is very rich and diversified , favored by the numerous species of herbs present in the woods. Thick hedges await you, like curtains, behind which, after fleeting appearances, the reddish tail of the fox disappears.

The Sargiano Forest is protected as a site of community interest due to the presence of oak (quercus petraea), which is particularly lush here.  Another 19 species of trees have been recorded - in addition to the prized oak - and 49 species of shrubs and herbs. At the entrance to VILLA SARGIANO you can admire the imposing "Leccio", linked to the history of the Arezzo brigand Federico Bobini known as Gnicche who, it is said, used to organize his ambushes right near this majestic tree of about 200 years of age. In 5 MINUTES you arrive at Arezzo Centro or Arezzo Equestrian Center .  In  40/60 MINUTES you can go and visit Florence, Perugia or Siena.  In 25/30 minutes you are under the Tuscan sky in  Cortona, Valdichiana, Valdarno, Valtiberina , or in the  Casentino Park .  Come…. come……. and you will discover!! The chirping of birds that wake you up in the morning. 5 minutes from the deafening roar of the city!! Oxygenation is healing, promotes good sleep and positive thoughts. A natural anti-stress. It is no mystery that being in contact with trees, nature and greenery has a positive effect on our health, but it is now scientifically validated.


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