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Saracen Joust Arezzo

Giostra del Saracino is part of the historical re-enactments of which central Italy is rich . Restored as a historical re-enactment in 1931, the Giostra del Saracino takes place in Arezzo in the Piazza Grande on the third Saturday of June at night and on the first Sunday of September in a daytime edition. The 4 neighborhoods of the city compete in the joust: the Porta del Foro neighborhood , the Porta Crucifera neighborhood , the Porta Sant'Andrea neighborhood and the Porta Santo Spirito neighborhood . Each knight runs the race based on the order established by the career draw , a ritual that takes place in the town square one week before the Joust. The knight carries a lance with which he must hit the board supported by the tumbler, a wooden statue representing the Saracen (hence the name). The score is between one and five points; each district runs twice until, sometimes resorting to play-offs, one district prevails over the others.

  • Every first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday, the "Antiques fair“, born in 1968 from an idea of ​​the historic Arezzo antiquarian Ivan Bruschi.

    The "September fair" (Fiera del Ladle) is held on 9, 10 and 11 September each year.

     Guido d'Arezzo Polyphonic Competition has been held since 1952 in the last week of August , an international competition dedicated to  Guido Monaco in which  choirs from all over the world participate.  The competition is a stage of the European Choral Singing Grand Prix which takes place periodically in Arezzo approximately every six years.

    In autumn the International Festival "The Great Appointments of Music" takes place, organized by the Italian Philharmonic Organization with the patronage of the  Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and the contribution of the main territorial bodies.

    The city's own festivals are those of the patron saint  San Donato on 7 August and that of the  Madonna del Conforto on 15 February.  Blessed Gregory X is celebrated .


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